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An administrator wants to implement a virtual switching technology that implements a single control-plane solution. Which S-CX switches would meet these criteria?

A. All AOS-CX switching platforms
B. AOS-CX 6300 and 6400 switches
C. AOS-CX 6300, 6400, and 83xx switches
D. AOS-CX 6300 switches

Answer: C

A switch will apply a device profile to a port based on which pieces of information? (Select two.)

A. IP header
B. MAC address
D. User role
E. 802.1Q

Answer: AB

An administrator is managing a VSX pair of AOS-CX switches. An administrator configures the following on the primary AOS-CX switch:

A. The primary switch will erase VLAN 200 from the VSX pair
B. The VLAN is only created on the secondary switch.
C. The operation is not allowed by the switch and a CLI error is displayed
D. The VLAN is created on both the primary and secondary switches

Answer: D

A network administrator is implementing BGP for a larger network. The network has over 20 exit points across 15 different BGP routers. The administrator does not want to implement a fully-meshed iBGP peering between all BGP routers.
Which feature should the administrator implement to reduce the number of peers the administrator needs to define?

A. Next-hop-self
C. Peer-Groups
D. Route reflectors

Answer: C

An administrator wants to use an existing Aruba gateway’s firewall policies to filter both wireless and wired traffic. Which AOS-CX switch feature should a customer implement to ensure the gateway applies the same or similar firewall policies to users’ wired and wireless traffic?

A. GRE tunneling
B. User-based tunneling
C. Port-based tunneling
D. IPSec tunneling

Answer: A

A company has a few servers in a secure, remote location storing highly-confidential documents connected to two AOS-CX 6400 switches configured in a VSX pair The AOS-CX switches perform access control with 802.1X and will be implementing user-based tunneling (UBT) so that Aruba gateway application inspection and stateful firewall policies can be applied to the traffic. The gateways are running version 84 and implement the AP, PEF, and RFP licenses Which licensing is needed for the two AOS-CX switches?

A. 2 AP and 2 PEF licenses only
B. 1 AP license only
C. 2 AP, 2 PEF, and 2 RFP licenses only
D. 1 AP, 1 PEF, and 1 RFP licenses only

Answer: D

A customer has twenty AOS-CX switches that will be managed by NetEdit and would like support for NetEdit these switches will exist in the network for at least five years. Which type of licensing should be used by this customer?

A. 20 Aruba NetEdit permanent licenses
B. 20 Aruba NetEdit single node subscription licenses
C. 25 Aruba NetEdit permanent licenses
D. 1 Aruba NetEdit SMB License

Answer: B

When cutting and pasting configurations into NetEdit, which character is used to enter commands within the context of the previous command?

A. <ESC>
B. “>”
C. Space
D. Tab

Answer: D

An administrator is implementing a multi-area OSPF network. The network contains a backbone (area 0) and two other areas (1 and 2) connected to ABRs in the backbone The network has one routing switch connected to a service provider located in area 2 Which network design would minimize the number of routes in the routing switches’ link state databases (LSDBs) while still allowing full connectivity?

A. Area 0: Normal
Area 1: Totally stubby Area 2: Totally stubby
B. Area 0: Normal
Area 1: Totally not-so-stubby Area 2: Totally stubby
C. Area 0: Normal
Area 1: Totally stubby
Area 2: Totally not-so-stubby
D. Area 0: Not-so-stubby
Area 1: Totally not-so-stubby Area 2: Totally not-so-stubby

Answer: D

An administrator will be deploying NetEdit to manage an Aruba solution. What does NetEdit support?

A. Manages AOS-CX switches and Aruba gateways
B. Support for Aruba-supplied security updates
C. Tracks configuration and hardware information
D. Can be purchased as a VM and/or hardware appliance

Answer: A

An administrator wants to leverage the Network Analysis Engine (NAE) feature on AOS-CX switches to perform root cause analysis and to assist in quickly identifying problems. Which two AOS-CX databases does the administrator have access to when implementing scripts? (Select two.)

A. Time-series
D. Configuration
E. Audit

Answer: AC

Examine the AOS-CX configuration:

The switches have a default factory password setting NetEdit fails to access the configuration of the AOS-CX switches. What should the administrator do to solve this problem?

A. Set a password for the default admin user account.
B. Disable telnet globally.
C. Use the default VRF instead of the mgmt VRF
D. Enable IP routing globally

Answer: D

A network engineer is setting up BGP on AOS-CX switches. The engineer is establishing two different eBGP peering’s to two different service providers. The engineer has dozens of contiguous C-class public networks that need to be advertised to the two service providers. The engineer manually defines the networks to be advertised individually with the “network” command. How can an administrator advertise only a summarized route to the two service providers?

A. Create a summarized static route and redistribute this into OSPR
B. Summarize the networks with the “aggregate-address” BGP command
C. Enable auto-summarization in the IPv4 address family of the BGP configuration
D. Create a summarized route in OSPF

Answer: B

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