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A customer has two main receptionists using SoftConsole; however when they are on a break or at lunch, there are four back office workers that can open the SoftConsole on their PC to take calls to cover these periods.
How many licenses are required for this to work?

A.    8
B.    6
C.    2
D.    4

Answer: D
http://www.ipofficeinfo.com/pdf/softconsoleinstall_en.pdf Page: 9

A customer has given six employees the ability to hot-desk for when they come into the office. When they log off, their calls will go to their voicemail boxes. Employees want to retrieve their voicemail while out of the office.
How should you set up DDI/DID to achieve this?

A.    DDI/DID to their Login code
B.    DDI/DID number to their Extension
C.    DDI/DID to the short code feature “Voicemail Collect”
D.    DDI/DID to a Voicemail module “Recording”

Answer: C

What does checking STARTTLS field on the SMTP form do?

A.    It disables SMTP Server authentication.
B.    It enables SMTP Server authentication.
C.    It triggers the Time to Live Sequence in secure sockets.
D.    It enables TLS/SSL encryption.

Answer: D
From which application are log files required for escalating issues to Avaya support?

A.    SMDR
B.    System Monitor
C.    Customer Call Status
D.    Manager Report

Answer: B

When you connect to the IP Office using Monitor, the time, date, and IP address of the system you are connected to is displayed.
Which other key piece of information is displayed?

A.    The last time the system was upgraded and to what version of software.
B.    The name of the last user to connect to the system using Monitor.
C.    The last time the system was rebooted.
D.    The last time any changes were made to the system.

Answer: C
https://downloads.avaya.com/css/P8/documents/100073350 Page: 12

Time profiles can be used to automate a customer out-of hours setting. It is also possible to override these times manually to either deactivate or activate the time profile.
What would you need to create to allow customer control of the time profile?

A.    Directory Number
B.    Hunt Group
C.    Short Code
D.    Time Profile

Answer: C

Providers are components of one-X Portal, each of which performs a specific role.
What is the Telephony CSTA provider responsible for?

A.    It handles obtaining directory information from the IP Office systems.
B.    It handles the browser connections between users and the one-X Portal server.
C.    It handles telephony communications to and from the IP Office systems assigned to it.
D.    It handles direct interaction with the voicemail server for features such as message playback via the browser.

Answer: C
https://downloads.avaya.com/css/P8/documents/101005087 Page: 9


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