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You can find XSS vulnerabilities in which of the following?

A. Search fields that echo a search string back to the user
B. HTTP headers
C. Input fields that echo user data
D. All of the above

Answer: D

A potential customer is looking to test the security of its network. One of the customer’s primary concerns is the security awareness of its employees.
Which type of test would you recommend that the company perform as part of the penetration test?

A. Social engineering testing
B. Wireless testing
C. Network testing
D. Web application testing

Answer: A

Which tool included in Kali is most helpful in compiling a quality penetration testing report?

A. Nmap
B. Metasploit
C. Dradis

Answer: C

Software developers should escape all characters (including spaces but excluding alphanumeric characters) with the HTML entity &#xHH; format to prevent what type of attack?

A. DDoS attacks
B. XSS attacks
C. CSRF attacks
D. Brute-force attacks

Answer: B

A security consultant finds a folder in “C VProgram Files” that has writable permission from an unprivileged user account Which of the following can be used to gam higher privileges?

A. Retrieving the SAM database
B. Kerberoasting
C. Retrieving credentials in LSASS
D. DLL hijacking
E. VM sandbox escape

Answer: C

Which of the following documents BEST describes the manner in which a security assessment will be conducted?


Answer: A

A penetration tester found a network with NAC enabled Which of the following commands can be used to bypass the NAC?

A. macchanger
B. sslbump
C. iptafcles
D. proxychains

Answer: A

An internal network penetration test is conducted against a network that is protected by an unknown NAC system In an effort to bypass the NAC restrictions the penetration tester spoofs the MAC address and hostname of an authorized system Which of the following devices if impersonated would be MOST likely to provide the tester with network access?

A. Network-attached printer
B. Power-over-Ethernet injector
C. User workstation
D. Wireless router

Answer: A

A penetration tester is performing a code review against a web application Given the following URL and source code:

Which of the following vulnerabilities is present in the code above?

A. SQL injection
B. Cross-site scripting
C. Command injection
D. LDAP injection

Answer: C

After an Nmap NSE scan, a security consultant is seeing inconsistent results while scanning a host.
Which of the following is the MOST likely cause?

A. Services are not listening
B. The network administrator shut down services
C. The host was not reachable
D. A firewall/IPS blocked the scan

Answer: D

Which of the following wordlists is BEST for cracking MD5 password hashes of an application’s users from a compromised database?

A. . /wordlists/rockyou.txt
B. ./dirb/wordlists/big.txt
C. ./wfuzz/wordlist”vulns/sq1_inj -txt
D. ./wordlists/raeta3ploit/roet_uaerpass.txt

Answer: A

A penetration tester calls human resources and begins asking open-ended questions Which of the following social engineering techniques is the penetration tester using?

A. Interrogation
B. Elicitation
C. Impersonation
D. Spear phishing

Answer: B

An attacker is attempting to gain unauthorized access to a WiR network that uses WPA2-PSK Which of the following attack vectors would the attacker MOST likely use?

A. Capture a three-way handshake and crack it
B. Capture a mobile device and crack its encryption
C. Create a rogue wireless access point
D. Capture a four-way handshake and crack it

Answer: D

The SELinux and AppArmor security frameworks include enforcement rules that attempt to prevent which of the following attacks?

A. Lateral movement
B. Sandbox escape
C. Cross-site request forgery (CSRF)
D. Cross-site- scripting (XSS)

Answer: B

A _______ vulnerability scan would typically be focused on a specific set of requirements.

A. Full
B. Stealth
C. Compliance
D. Discovery

Answer: C

Which of the following can be used for post-exploitation activities?

A. WinDbg
C. Maltego
D. PowerShell

Answer: D

Which of the following can be used to perform online password attacks against RDP?

A. Hashcat
B. John the Rippef
C. Aircrack-ng
D. Ncrack

Answer: D

A company received a report with the following finding While on the internal network the penetration tester was able to successfully capture SMB broadcasted user ID and password information on the network and decode this information This allowed the penetration tester to then join their own computer to the ABC domain Which of the following remediation’s are appropriate for the reported findings’? (Select TWO)

A. Set the Schedule Task Service from Automatic to Disabled
B. Enable network-level authentication
C. Remove the ability from Domain Users to join domain computers to the network
D. Set the netlogon service from Automatic to Disabled
E. Set up a SIEM alert to monitor Domain joined machines
F. Set “Digitally sign network communications” to Always

Answer: BC

Which of the following actions BEST matches a script kiddie’s threat actor?

A. Exfiltrate network diagrams to perform lateral movement
B. Steal credit cards from the database and sell them in the deep web
C. Install a rootkit to maintain access to the corporate network
D. Deface the website of a company in search of retribution

Answer: B

A penetration tester has compromised a system and wishes to connect to a port on it from the attacking machine to control the system Which of the following commands should the tester run on the compromised system?

A. nc looalhot 4423
B. nc -nvlp 4423 -?/bin/bash
C. nc 4423
D. nc 4423 -e /bin/bash

Answer: B

An organization has requested that a penetration test be performed to determine if it is possible for an attacker to gain a foothold on the organization’s server segment During the assessment, the penetration tester identifies tools that appear to have been left behind by a prior attack Which of the following actions should the penetration tester take?

A. Attempt to use the remnant tools to achieve persistence
B. Document the presence of the left-behind tools in the report and proceed with the test
C. Remove the tools from the affected systems before continuing on with the test
D. Discontinue further testing and report the situation to management

Answer: A

A penetration tester has obtained access to an IP network subnet that contains ICS equipment intercommunication. Which of the following attacks is MOST likely to succeed in creating a physical effect?

A. DNS cache poisoning
B. Record and replay
C. Supervisory server SMB
D. Blind SQL injection

Answer: A

Which of the following BEST describes the difference between a red team engagement and a penetration test?

A. A penetration test has a broad scope and emulates advanced persistent threats while a red team engagement has a limited scope and focuses more on vulnerability identification
B. A red team engagement has a broad scope and emulates advanced persistent threats, while a penetration test has a limited scope and focuses more on vulnerability identification
C. A red team engagement has a broad scope and focuses more on vulnerability identification, while a penetration test has a limited scope and emulates advanced persistent threats
D. A penetration test has a broad scope and focuses more on vulnerability identification while a red team engagement has a limited scope and emulates advanced persistent threats

Answer: D

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