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Which three are correct methods to execute a workflow in UCS Director Orchestrator? (Choose three.)

A.    using the Execute Now action
B.    using the Run Now action
C.    using Validation
D.    using script automation
E.    using VM Action policy
F.    creating a service request

Answer: ACE

Cisco Prime Infrastructure can query SNMP enabled devices and receive traps and notifications. Which two tasks must the administrator perform to receive this information? (Choose two)

A.    Use the Cisco IOS configuration commands to set read-only community string on an SNMP device, such as admin(config)# snmp-server community public RO.
B.    Configure these same devices with different credentials to send SNMP notifications to the Prime Infrastructure server.
C.    Disable SNMP on all the devices, then enable SNMP notifications in the Prime Infrastructure server.
D.    Set SNMP credentials (community strings) on each device you want to manage using Prime Infrastructure.

Answer: BD

Which two options are required for SNMP trap-type notification? (Choose two.)

A.    SNMP Trap Source
B.    SNMP group source
C.    SNMP version
D.    SNMP trap groups
E.    SNMP Community

Answer: AE

Drag and Drop Question
A cloud administrator has been contacted for support with Cisco Prime Service Catalog.
The end user needs assistance with ordering services from the catalog and is unsure about how to proceed.
Drag and drop the steps to place an order in Cisco Prime Service Catalog from the left to the correct sequence on the right.

A program is set up to count the number of lines in a file. An engineer is performing cloud monitoring to check the performance. What is the result for this program?

A.    CPU bound
B.    memory bound
C.    cache bound
D.    I/O bound

Answer: D

Which three components make up the Heat Orchestration piece of Cisco Prime Service Catalog? (Choose three)

A.    Orchestration service with embedded Heat engine
B.    Swift
C.    Glance
D.    Keystone
E.    RabbitMQ server
F.    Stack Designer

Answer: ADE

A cloud administrator for an enterprise organization must pull bandwidth utilization from Cisco UCS Performance Manager. In which two ways can the administrator group the data in Cisco UCS Performance Manager? (Choose two.)

A.    by storage components
B.    by server components
C.    by network components
D.    by fabric components
E.    by software components

Answer: BC

An engineer who is working in Cisco UCS Director must access virtual machines that have been previously set up to be provisioned from a pool of predetermined resources. Which component should be used?

A.    Bare Metal Agent
B.    Orchestration
C.    Cisco Network Services Manager
D.    Portal

Answer: D


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