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Which hardware platform should I consider if the customer needs at least 1 Gbps of Threat Prevention throughput and the ability to handle at least 250K sessions?

A.    Any PA-5000 or PA-7000 series firewall
B.    Only the PA-3060 firewall and higher
C.    Any PA-3000, PA-5000, or PA-7000 series firewall
D.    Only the PA-3050 firewall and higher

Answer: C

True or False: DSRI degrades the performance of a firewall?

A.    True
B.    False

Answer: B

How quickly are Wildfire updates about previously unknown files now being delivered from the cloud to customers with a WildFire subscription (as of version 6.1)?

A.    15 minutes
B.    30 minutes
C.    1 day
D.    5 minutes
E.    60 minutes

Answer: D

Which of the following are valid Subscriptions for the Next Generation Platform? [Select All that apply]

A.    URL Filtering
B.    Support
C.    User ID
D.    Content ID
E.    SSL Decryption
F.    Threat Prevention
G.    App ID

Answer: ABF

Which hardware firewall platforms include both built-in front-to-back airflow and redundant power supplies?

A.    All PA-5000 and PA-7000 series firewall platforms
B.    All Palo Alto Networks hardware firewall platforms
C.    The PA-3060 firewall platform
D.    The PA-7000 series firewall platforms

Answer: C

Select all the platform components that Wildfire automatically updates after finding malicious activity in previously unknown files, URLs and APKs?

A.    Decrypt (Port-Mirroring)
B.    Mobile (Global Protect)
C.    Anti-Virus (Threat)
D.    Content/Web Filtering (Pan-DB)
E.    Anti-Malware signatures (WildFire)
F.    Management (Panorama)
G.    Anti Command & Control signatures (Threat)

Answer: CDG

What are five benefits of Palo Alto Networks NGFWs (Next Generation Firewalls)? (Select the five correct answers.)

A.    Convenient configuration Wizard
B.    Comprehensive security platform designed to scale functionality over time
C.    Predictable throughput
D.    Easy-to-use GUI which is the same on all models
E.    Seemless integration with the Threat Intelligence Cloud
F.    Identical security subscriptions on all models

Answer: BCDEF

What are the three key components of a successful Three Tab Demo? (Select the three correct answers.)

A.    Providing visibility into recently occurring threats and showing how to block those threats
B.    Showing how Palo Alto Networks’ firewalls provide visibility into applications and control of those applications
C.    Presenting the information in the Network and Device tabs
D.    After setting match criteria in the Object tab showing how that data is presented in the logs
E.    Showing which users are running which applications and provide a method for controlling application access on a by user

Answer: ABE

What are the main benefits of WildFire? (Select the three correct answers.)

A.    WildFire gathers information from possible threats detected by both NGFWs and Endpoints.
B.    It’s a sandboxing environment that can detect malware by observing the behavior of unknown files.
C.    By using Palo Alto Networks’ proprietary cloud-based architecture, quarantine holds on suspicious files are typically reduced to less than 30 seconds.
D.    By collecting and distributing malware signatures from every major anti-virus vendor, WildFire can provide comprehensive protection.
E.    Signatures for identified malware are quickly distributed globally to all Palo Alto Networks’ customers’ firewalls.

Answer: BDE

The automated Correlation Engine uses correlation objects to analyze the logs for patterns. When a match occurs:

A.    The Correlation Engine blocks the connection
B.    The Correlation Engine generates a correlation event
C.    The Correlation Engine displays a warning message to the end user
D.    The Correlation Engine dumps the alarm log

Answer: B


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