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Which three options are attack vectors protected by Email Security? (Choose three)

A. Endpoints
B. Offline Devices
C. Mobile
D. E-mail
E. Voicemail
F. Backups

Answer: ACD


Employee-sponsored network access, guest access, and activity tracking are contributors to which feature of ISE?

A. Device profiting
B. Context-aware access
C. Guest access management
D. Platform exchange grid

Answer: C

Which is a security product that was covered in the Policy and access security module?

A. Cisco NFGW
B. Cisco Identity Services Engine
C. Cisco NGIPS
D. Cisco Defense Orchestrator

Answer: B

Which two options are attack vectors of the threat-centric defense? (Choose two)

A. Voicemail
B. Backups
C. Mobile
D. Video surveillance
E. Cloud apps

Answer: CE

Which are two key Cisco products that are part of the web threat-centric solution? (Choose two.)

A. Cisco Defense Orchestrator
B. Cisco Umbrella
C. Cisco Identity Services Engine
D. Cisco Web Security Appliance
E. Cisco Email Security Appliance

Answer: BD

Which are two main features of FirePOWER Threat Defense? (Choose two.)

A. Unify Images for more intuitive interface management
B. Provide malware detection score foe additional analytics
C. Deliver Data Loss Prevention through the virtual lock
D. Offer intuitive interface including new management options and control

Answer: AD

Which two options are attack vectors protected by Identity and Access Control? (Choose two.)

A. Backups
B. Mobile
C. Endpoints
D. Cloud apps
E. Voicemail

Answer: BC

Which options describes how Cisco solutions enable customer’s businesses?

A. Enhancing remediation operations
B. Having the fastest threat identification
C. Automating the security intelligence updates
D. Their ability to keep customers networks more secure and make IT more productive

Answer: D

Which is a component of Cisco’s Web and E-mail Security Solution?

A. Device Profiling
B. Next Generation Intrusion Prevention System
C. Next Generation Firewall
D. DNS-Layer security

Answer: D

Which two products are part of Cisco’s Data Center threat-centric solution? (Choose two.)

A. Rapid threat detection through NGFW and NGFWv
B. Enforced device security with Meraki
C. URL filtering
D. Relationship segmentation
E. Automated policy enforcement with ASAv

Answer: AE

What are two key points of the Cisco Security and Threat Landscape module? (Choose two.)

A. The Cisco Security Solutions Portfolio drives customer business outcomes by providing threat-centric defense, visibility and control, and flexible solutions
B. The threat landscape is expanding, becoming more complex, and threats are increasingly costing more to customers
C. The Cisco Security Solutions Portfolio stops all threat from entering a customers network.
D. Customers need several solutions to protect their environment.

Answer: AB


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