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New Question
Which element delivers the business capabilities to realize the business outcomes?

A. Business solution
B. Business vision
C. Business priority
D. Business strategy

Answer: A

New Question
Which two options are characteristics of autocratic leadership styles? (Choose two.)

A. It is intended for team members who require close supervision.
B. The leader and team members set goals.
C. The leader motivates team members through visibility.
D. The leader makes unilateral decisions.
E. The leader has minimal involvement.

Answer: AD

New Question
Which two functions of the technology specialists in a Cisco Business Architecture engagement are true?

A. Support the engagement that is led by the business architect.
B. Owen the customer relationship.
C. Define business capabilities.
D. Focus on specific technical solutions

Answer: AD
The Technology Specialists are focused on technology and in some situations they are needed to support the engagement that the Cisco Business Architect leads. Outside of those engagements, the Technology Specialists may be the people that are technically involved with the business stakeholders. The Technology Specialists must be aware of the Cisco Business Architect skills and when and how they are applied. Being aware of the skills allows the Technology Specialists to understand their role in the context of a business-led approach. In the case where the Cisco Business Architect is responsible for the account the Technology Specialists will have a different role.

New Question
Which type of engagement occurs at the business solutions maturity level?

A. Partial business engagement
B. multidomain technology engagement
C. Single-domain technology engagement
D. Business first engagement

Answer: A

New Question
Which target audience category typically provides the resources for an effort?

A. Key decision makers
B. Watchdogs
C. Secondary audience
D. Gatekeepers
E. Project sponsors

Answer: E

New Question
Which benefit does the Cisco Business Architecture approach provide?

A. It enables technology-focused discussions with customers.
B. It identifies new opportunities for business innovation
C. It enables the discussion of data center technologies with the customer.
D. It enhances post-sales technical support capabilities.

Answer: B

New Question
Which option is a key concept of the unique Cisco sales approach?

A. Add as many new Cisco technologies to the solution that meet customer needs.
B. Start driving outcomes for customers, and go beyond selling and implementing technology solutions.
C. Put together the most logical set of services for the customer.
D. Engage in dialog about customer needs and new technologies.

Answer: B

New Question
Cisco solutions and services are related to every kind of outcomes. Which is the goal of business outcomes?

A. To enable CXOs or Line of Business leaders to grow revenues, lower operating costs and achieve strategic business objectives
B. To help customers establish new technology or evolve current functionality
C. To help customers operate, manage and optimize technology environment more effectively
D. To take advantage of new technology to increase business relevance

Answer: A

New Question
Which two benefits does IT as a Service provide to the customer? (Choose two.)

A. Reduced OPEX.
B. Reduced CAPEX.
C. Reduced ROI.
D. Reduced TCO.
E. Reduced Chargeback.

Answer: BD

New Question
At which phase of the customer journey does the Cisco Business Architect begin the engagement?

A. Business Vision
B. Business Solutions
C. Business Capabilities
D. Business Development

Answer: A

New Question
Which categories can collaboration help achieve business goals for the customer?

A. Innovation, Industries, Incentives.
B. Line of Business, Vertical, Business Outcome.
C. Industry markets, Business Outcome, Technology Innovation.
D. Line of Business, Vertical, Business Value.

Answer: D


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