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You want to reduce the amount of data stored in auditing in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
Your Dynamics CRM environment has multiple audit logs.
You need to delete at least one audit log.
What should you do?

A. Select the most recent audit log, and click delete.
B. Create a bulk delete job, and select the audit entity.
C. Select the oldest audit log, and click delete.
D. Select multiple audit logs, and click delete.

Answer: C

You need to create a custom calculated numeric field that has five digits after the decimal point.
Which field type should you use?

A. Decimal number
B. Floating point number
C. Whole number
D. Currency

Answer: A

You need to configure Microsoft Dynamics CRM so that the sales personnel at your company must fill in the Estimated Revenue field on the Opportunity form.
What should you do?

A. Modify the Field Type to Simple.
B. Modify the Field Requirement to Business Required.
C. Modify the Data Type to Currency.
D. Modify the IME Mode to Disabled.

Answer: B

You are configuring user access in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
You need several accounts to have a fixed group of people who have extensive permissions to these accounts.
What should you do?

A. Have Dynamics CRM automatically create access teams for each record, and then manually share the account with the appropriate team.
B. Create an access team template, and add to the account form a sub-grid that references the access team template.
C. Manually create an access team record, and assign the account to the access team.
D. Create an owner team, and assign the accounts to the owner team.

Answer: D

A System View’s email address is truncated.
You need to resolve this issue by editing the view.
What should you do?

A. Select Configure Columns.
In the columns list change Increase the Width of the Email Address field.
B. Remove the Email Address field.
Use Add Columns to add the column back to the view.
Enter the column width at the prompt,
C. Select the Email Address field.
Click and drag the right edge of the column to resize it to the desired width.
D. Select the Email Address field.
Click Change Properties, and select a new width for the column.

Answer: D

In Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you create an association membership tracking solution.
You need the ability to:
– Have multiple contacts related to each association and each contact to be related to many associations,
– Capture the date that the member joined each association, as well as the member’s ID number,
– Import all association members, and
– Run an on-create workflow that updates the owner of the contact record based on the country in which the member resides.
Which type of many-to-many relationship should you use?

A. Native many-to-many relationship
B. Connections and connection roles
C. Manual many-to-many relationship
D. Sub-contacts

Answer: C

You create an entity named Achievement.
Which two properties can you change after the entity is created and saved? Each correct answer presents a complete solution. Choose two.

A. Display Name
B. Entity Ownership
C. Define as an activity entity
D. Auditing

Answer: AD

You are configuring two business process flows for a custom work order entity.
In the business process flow for the sales team, you need to prevent a user from moving on to the next stage without selecting a value from the work order type option set. In the business process flow of the service team, the work order type field is optional and needs to allow the user to move on to the next stage.
What should you do?

A. Make the work order type option set read-only on the entity form.
B. Make the work order type option set required on the business process flow for the sales team.
C. Make the work order type field a global option set and use it in the business process flow.
D. Make the work order type option set required on the entity form.

Answer: B

You are adding a calculated field to the account entity.
Which two fields can you include in the field calculation? Each correct answer presents part of the solution. Choose two.

A. Fields on a related quote
B. Fields on the account
C. Fields on a related opportunity
D. Fields on the related parent account

Answer: BD

A business services customer reports issues with a case entity.
You have two support tiers. Your support users are grouped by their tiers into separate business units, security roles, and teams.
You want to create a business process flow that is unique for each support tier, with tier-specific fields and stages on the case entity.
You do not want to allow your first-tier users to use the second-tier process flow.
What should you do?

A. Create two business process flows and two main forms.
Enable one form for each tier’s security role.
Then associate the corresponding business process flow with its form.
B. Create two business process flows.
Assign the first support-tier security role to the first-tier business process flow only.
Enable the second support-tier security role for both business process flows.
C. Create two business process flows.
Make the second-tier team the owner of the second-tier business process flow, and make the first-tier team the owner of the first-tier business process flow.
D. Create one business process flow.
Configure it with branches into two separate stage paths, depending on the business unit related to the user working on the case.

Answer: B

On the Account record in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you create business rules that update the Credit Limit based on the Relationship Type option set.
After which two user actions do these business rules apply? Each correct answer presents a complete solution. Choose two.

A. Saving an Account
B. Changing a Relationship Type on an existing Account
C. Adding a Relationship Type to a new Account
D. Deleting an Account

Answer: BC


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