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Which three network located in a warehouse? (Choose three.)

A. conveyor belts
B. employee schedules
C. ceiling height
D. variable inventory quantities
E. types of walls
F. deliveries

Answer: BCE

During a post-deployment survey, the wireless engineer notices that offices in surrounding suites also have wireless networks and the 2.4 Ghz band is highly utilized Which configuration must the engineer make on the wireless network using this new information?

A. Disable 802.11 b/g data rates.
B. Enable Band Sect in the WLC
C. Disable RRM in the WLC.
D. Enable rogue access point containment.

Answer: D
Monitoring Rogue Access Point Alarms
Rogue access point radios are unauthorized access points detected by one or more Cisco lightweight access points.
This page displays rogue access point alarms based on the severity you clicked in the Alarm Monitor.

An engineer must design a wireless voice network and is auditing the existing configuration.
Which two actions must be taken? (Choose two.)

A. Enable Platinum QoS profile on the SSID
B. Disable Coverage Hole Detection.
C. Ensure the switch ports trust DSCP QoS markings
D. Disable WMM on the QoS tab
E. Ensure that Client Load Balancing is enabled.

Answer: AC

An engineer is implementing Q0S for a new wireless voice network. Which two considerations should be identified first? (Choose two.)

A. QoS marking
B. policing
C. QoS requirements
D. data traffic usage
E. traffic classification

Answer: CE

An engineer is determining powering requirements for a P2P wireless link using Cisco Aironet 1572EC access points.
Which power method is valid for the access point?

A. 802.3af Power over Ethernet
B. Power over Cable
C. Cisco Inline Power
D. 802.3at Power over Ethernet

Answer: B

17.A network engineer is performing a site survey in preparation for an installation. Which three hardware parameters must be inspected? (Choose three.)

A. routing protocol used
B. PoE capability
C. switch STP capability
D. distance of antenna to communications room
E. switch port availability
F. distance of access point to communications room

Answer: BEF

An engineer has added an access point to a deployment after a post-installation site survey. The engineer then notices that there has been an increase in co-channel interference and retransmissions. Which two features can help mitigate the issue? (Choose two.)

A. Coverage Hole Detection
B. Transmit Power Control
C. Enhanced Distributed Channel Access
D. Cisco Compatible Extensions
E. Dynamic Channel Assignment

Answer: CE

You are planning the coverage for wireless VoIP by using Ekahau. Which signal strength does Ekahau recommend using for VoIP?

A. -84 dBm
B. -76 dBm
C. -67 dBm
D. -53 dBm

Answer: C
Each vendor has their own recommended signal strength for a given data rate or application. For instance, one vendor may recommend designing their VoIP solution at -67 dBm (perhaps the most widely-used value for VoIP deployment if I had to choose one), while another may say -70 dBm. In most cases the values will differ only by a couple dB. gth/

You must upgrade a data-based wireless network to support Voice over Wireless. Which RSSI measurement do you use to redesign the wireless network?

A. -65 dBm
B. -72 dBm
C. -75 dBm
D. -67 dBm

Answer: D

You must create a simple implementation of QoS on a WIAN. The implementation must allow clients to prioritize traffic into these four classes:
– voice
– video
– best effort
– background
Which option do you enable?

B. NetFlow v9
D. Cisco AVC

Answer: C
WMM Classification
WMM uses the 802.1P classification scheme (part of the IEEE 802.1D MAC Bridges standard). This classification scheme has eight priorities that WMM maps to four access categories with WMM designations:
AC_BE–Best effort

A post-deployment active wireless site survey was just completed for a company. Which two pieces of information must be included in the site survey report? (Choose two.)

A. client performance metrics obtained during the survey
B. heat maps from the data that was captured
C. floor plans for Cisco Prime Infrastructure
D. existing WLC configurations
E. RRM recommendations for the WLC

Answer: BD


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