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Scenario: A Citrix Administrator has configured a NetScaler active-passive high availability (HA) pair. When the HA pair fails over, customers are unable to access the hosted websites. After some troubleshooting, the administrator found that the upstream router was NOT updating its ARP table.
What can the administrator configure to resolve this issue?

A. Independent Network Configuration (INC) mode
B. Virtual MAC
C. HA monitor
D. Route Monitor

Answer: B

Scenario: A Citrix Administrator is managing a NetScaler SDX running eight NetScaler instances. The administrator first needs to upgrade the firmware on the instances. However, the administrator is concerned that it needs to be done all at once.
What upgrading flexibility does SDX provide in this scenario?

A. The NetScaler instance can be upgraded at the SDX management level, allowing all instances to be upgraded at once.
B. The NetScaler instances have to be upgraded at the same time.
C. The NetScaler instance can be upgraded on an individual basis, allowing, all instances to run different firmware versions.
D. It is NOT possible to upgrade the NetScaler instances to different firmware versions.

Answer: A

A Citrix Administrator receives user complaints about latency while accessing an application that is being load-balanced on the NetScaler.
Which tool can the administrator use to gather information regarding Response time, Client network latency and Server-side processing time?

A. aaad debug
B. WAN Insight
C. NetScaler Management and Analytics System (MAS)
D. HDX Insight

Answer: D

A Citrix Administrator needs to utilize the client IP address as the source IP address for the NetScaler to server connections.
Which mode on the NetScaler will the administrator utilize to meet this requirement?

A. Layer 2
C. Layer 3

Answer: B

Scenario: A NetScaler Gateway provides ICA Proxy to an internal XenDesktop site in an environment. The security team wants the Citrix Administrator to configure the NetScaler to block client drives if the client device fails a security scan. Which NetScaler feature allows the administrator to satisfy the security team’s requirements without making any changes to the XenDesktop configuration?

A. Traffic Policy
B. SmartAccess
C. SmartControl
D. Authorization Policy

Answer: C
Explanation: appliance/deprecated-features-and-functionalities.html

Scenario: A Citrix Administrator needs to configure a NetScaler Gateway virtual server in order to meet the security requirements of the organization. The administrator needs to configure timeouts for end-user sessions, to be triggered by the following behaviors:
* Inactivity for at least 15 minutes
* No keyboard or mouse activity for at least 15 minutes
Which two timeout settings can the administrator configure to meet the requirements? (Choose two.)

A. Client Idle Time-out set to 15
B. Forced Time-out set to 15
C. Client Idle Time-out set to 900
D. Session Time-out set to 15
E. Session Time-out set to 900
F. Forced Time-out set to 900

Answer: AC
Explanation: wrapper-con/ng-plugin-config-connection-wrapper-con/ng-plugin-config- timout-settings-overview-con.html

Which NetScaler feature can a Citrix Administrator use to create a custom footer for a NetScaler Gateway login page?

A. Rewrite
B. SmartAccess
C. HTTP Callout
D. Responder

Answer: A

After creating and correctly configuring a custom user monitor, from where do the monitor probes originate by default?

A. Subnet IP address
B. NetScaler IP address
C. Mapped IP address
D. Virtual IP address

Answer: B

Where should a Citrix Administrator configure SmartControl restrictions?

A. NetScaler Gateway
B. XenDesktop Delivery Controller
C. NetScaler Gateway, XenDesktop Delivery Controller and StoreFront
D. StoreFront and XenDesktop Delivery Controller

Answer: A

Which setting can a Citrix Administrator use to reduce server load, improve response time and increase the number of SSL transactions per second on a SSL virtual server created with default settings?

A. Session Reuse
B. SSLv3
C. Session Timeout
D. SSLv2 Redirect

Answer: A
Explanation: default-profile.html

Scenario: A Citrix Administrator is evaluating the following policies in an environment.

Which policy will take effect in the event of a policy conflict?

A. Policy B
B. Policy A
C. Policy D
D. Policy C

Answer: B
Explanation: clg-session-policies-overview-con/ng-clg-bind-session-policies-tsk.html


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