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You are planning to deploy a new VMware environment. The team leader of the networking team has requested the ability to monitor virtual machine traffic in order to maintain the physical network more efficiently. Which option provides this capability?

A.    Create a distributed port group and configure port mirroring
B.    Create a standard port group and use Cisco Discover Protocol (CDP)
C.    Create a standard port group and use Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP)
D.    Create a distributed port group and use Network I/O Control (NIOC)

Answer: A

You are the CIO. The VP of manufacturing tells you that an old DOS application is critical to the assembly line and that if it goes down, it takes 8 hours to restart the assembly line.
The CEO has told you that is unacceptable and has asked you to find a solution that will prevent downtime.
Which vSphere feature meets that requirement?

A.    Fault Tolerance (FT)
B.    High Availability (HA)
C.    Data Protection (DP)
D.    vMotion

Answer: A

You are the VMware architect for Mason Public Library. This customer deployed a VMware environment several years ago, in the form of 3 stand-alone servers, each with 6 600GB internal SAS drives. The environment has been working well, but they are concerned about the ability to access their virtual machines in the event of a failure to one of their servers.
They do not have the additional budget for a new shared storage array.
Which of the following is a recommended option to help them achieve higher availability?

A.    Power off each virtual machine and copy them to a single server
B.    Deploy vCenter Server and deploy the vSphere Storage Appliance
C.    Use Storage vMotion to move all of the VMs to a single server
D.    Configure CPU affinity to increase CPU access for each virtual machine

Answer: B

Your systems administrator has recently expressed frustration while rolling back broken operating system patches on the physical servers in your environment.
Which feature of a virtual machine could help mitigate the risk of installing patches in a VMs, by enabling you to roll back recent changes?

A.    vCenter Update Manager
B.    Templates
C.    Snapshots
D.    vCenter Operations Manager

Answer: A

You have a large virtual environment with workloads that vary widely throughout the day.
You want an automated system to quickly load balance as conditions change.
What vSphere feature performs this task?

A.    Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS)
B.    vMotion
C.    vSphere Replication (VR)
D.    Storage DRS (SDRS)

Answer: D

Your company has just purchased a new storage array to host your virtual machines (VMs).
You have connected the storage to each of your ESXi hosts and now wish to move some of the running VMs to the new storage.
Which vCenter feature would help you do this non-disruptively?

A.    Storage I/O Control
B.    High Availability
C.    Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS)
D.    Storage vMotion

Answer: D

You are the administrator for a new VMware installation and you have an application that is running within a virtual machine that creates a high amount of inbound traffic.
This traffic seems to be affecting other virtual machines on the same virtual switch.
What can you do to reduce the impact to the peer virtual machines?

A.    Use a standard switch with Network I/O Control configured
B.    Use a distributed switch with traffic shaping configured
C.    Use a distributed switch with Netflow enabled
D.    Use a standard switch with traffic shaping configured

Answer: B

Which two features require shared storage? (Choose two.)

A.    VMware Data Protection
B.    vSphere Replication (VR)
C.    High Availability (HA)
D.    Distributed Power Management (DPM)

Answer: CD

What vCenter feature does Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS) use during the automated load balancing of virtual machines?

A.    vSphere Replication
B.    vMotion
C.    High Availability
D.    Fault Tolerance

Answer: B

In a meeting with your manager, you are asked to describe the difference between vCenter Site
Recovery Manager and vSphere Replication.
Which of the following is a feature provided only by vCenter Site Recovery Manager?

A.    Asynchronous replication of VMs.
B.    Multiple point-in-time recovery options.
C.    Non-disruptive disaster recovery testing.
D.    Customizable Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs).

Answer: C


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