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Which stage of the service lifecycle includes the scope of service retirement and transfer of services between service providers?

A.    Service transition
B.    Service level management
C.    Service operation
D.    Service design

Answer: D

What is the BEST definition of a definitive media library?

A.    It is a secure library in which the latest versions of authorized software items are stored and protected.
B.    It is a structured document with definitive information regarding all live IT services, including those available for deployment.
C.    It is a secure library in which all definitive authorized versions of all media configuration items are stored and protected.
D.    It is a set of tools and databases that is used to manage knowledge, information and data.

Answer: A
One or more locations in which the definitive and authorized versions of all software configuration items are securely stored. The DML may also contain associated CI’s such as licenses and documentation. The DML is a single logical storage area even if there are multiple locations.
The DML is controlled by service asset and configuration management and is recorded in the configuration management system.

Which is an objective of the design coordination process?

A.    To ensure service design packages are handed over to service transition
B.    To ensure that all changes are assessed for their impact on service designs
C.    To document the initial structure and relationship between services and customers
D.    To handover new service level requirements to the service level management process

Answer: A

What BEST defines IT service management?

A.    An organization supplying services to only external customers
B.    The customer of an IT service provider who defines and agrees the service targets
C.    The implementation and management of quality IT services that meet business needs
D.    The resources that are utilized to provide value to customers through services

Answer: C

Which role is responsible for sponsoring, designing and change managing a process and its metrics?

A.    The process practitioner
B.    The process owner
C.    The service owner
D.    The process manager

Answer: B

What are the two MAJOR activities in problem management?

A.    Technical and service
B.    Resource and proactive
C.    Reactive and technical
D.    Proactive and reactive

Answer: D
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Which is the CORRECT activity to carry out the “How do we get there” phase of the Continual Service improvement approach?

A.    Service and process improvement
B.    Baseline assessments
C.    Policy and governance review
D.    Measurable targets

Answer: B

An incident is proving difficult to resolve. A technician informs their manager that more resource is needed to restore the service.
What has taken place?

A.    A functional escalation
B.    A service level escalation
C.    An incident resolution
D.    A hierarchic escalation

Answer: D

Which statement about service review meetings is FALSE?

A.    Actions from service review meetings should only be assigned to the service provider
B.    Meetings should be held on a regular basis to review service achievement
C.    Issues for the upcoming period should be discussed at the meetings
D.    Progress and success of the service improvement program (SIP) should be reviewed

Answer: A


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