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How are partitions and calling search spaces in Cisco Unity Connection different from partitions and calling search spaces in Cisco Unified Communications Manager?

A.    In Cisco Unity Connection, search spaces do not include partitions.
B.    In Cisco Unity Connection, partitions include calling search spaces.
C.    In Cisco Unity Connection, partitions and calling search spaces are not used.
D.    In Cisco Unity Connection, partitions and calling search spaces function just as they do in Cisco Unified Communications Manager.
E.    In Cisco Unity Connection, only partitions are used.

Answer: D

You need to configure Cisco Unity Connection in a cluster that will have four servers. One server will hold the publisher role. How many licenses do you need to configure Cisco Unity Connection successfully in a cluster?

A.    1
B.    2
C.    3
D.    4
E.    5
F.    6

Answer: B

You are troubleshooting Cisco Unity Connection and find that the interview handlers service does not play anything. You find that only Goodbye call handler is available. What must you verify before trying to fix the problem?

A.    Users and call handlers are placed in the correct partition.
B.    Phone language settings are correct.
C.    Users have selected the delist option.
D.    Questions are active and recorded.
E.    Dial plan has been set up correctly.
F.    Calls are routed when callers press “0”.

Answer: D

Which two of the following are Cisco Unity Connection components that, when changed, will not affect the settings of existing users? (Choose two.)

A.    Contact Templates
B.    Users Templates
C.    Enterprise Parameters
D.    Service Parameters
E.    Call Handlers

Answer: AB

In Cisco Unity Connection, if a user is assigned the Help Desk Administrator role, which updates can that user make?

A.    Mailbox Database
B.    User Templates
C.    Reset User Passwords
D.    VPIM Credentials

Answer: C

In Cisco Unity Connection, which three elements are used to provide call management? (Choose three.)

A.    Call Handlers
B.    Restriction Tables
C.    Schedules and Holidays
D.    Route Patterns
E.    Hunt Lists
F.    System Distribution Lists

Answer: ABC

Which two statements about call routing on Cisco Unity Connection are true? (Choose two.)

A.    Call routing is done using route lists.
B.    Call routing is done using tables.
C.    Attempt Sign-In and Attempt Forward are both predefined direct routing rules.
D.    You cannot delete the predefined rules.
E.    Opening Greeting is always the first entry.

Answer: BD

Refer to the exhibit. If George addresses a message by entering extension 3002, which match does Cisco Unity Connection return?

A.    Cisco Unity Connection returns Bill as the match.
B.    Cisco Unity Connection returns Alice as the match.
C.    Cisco Unity Connection returns both Alice and Bill as the match.
D.    Cisco Unity Connection randomly returns Alice or Bill as the match.

Answer: B

Which two types of objects belong to a partition that is configured in Cisco Unity Connection? (Choose two.)

A.    directory handlers
B.    route patterns
C.    voicemail ports
D.    user alternate extensions
E.    forwarded rules

Answer: AD

When creating new user accounts in Cisco Unity Connection, you want to allow users to add alternate extensions to access their voicemail. In which area of the menu do you do this?

A.    under the class of service
B.    under the class of service membership
C.    under the user templates
D.    under the contact templates

Answer: A


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