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Which two statements about virtual networks in a Cisco-powered private cloud are true? (Choose two.)

A.    After the last VM is shutdown, the associated virtual network is gone for garbage collection.
B.    The last vNIC can be deleted issuing the command no interface virtual.
C.    Virtual networks are abstractions whose state is stored in the orchestration layer.
D.    N1KV supports dynamic routing on virtual networks.
E.    Issue the show module command in virtual supervisor module to view virtual network mapping with VM.

Answer: DE

A Cisco UCS Director administrator is trying to mapping policies. Where can this task be accomplished?

A.    Virtual > Physical Infrastructure Policies
B.    Virtual > Virtual/Hypervisor Policies
C.    Policies > Physical Infrastructure Policies
D.    Policies > Virtual/Hypervisor Policies

Answer: D

Which option is the best way to provide templates to end users in Cisco UCS Director?

A.    Give access to the template.
B.    Assign the template to the standard catalog.
C.    Assign the template to the advance catalog.
D.    Deploy a copied template.

Answer: B

An administrator is troubleshooting a virtual switch that does not show up when it is added to the host using the port-profile management snap-in. Which action is the next step?

A.    Enable SR-IOV for the virtual switch inside Hyper-V
B.    Add drivers for the virtual switch
C.    Reboot the server
D.    Enable VMbus for the parent partition and the virtual machine

Answer: C

With which three types of zoning can a Cisco UCB domain be configured? (Choose three.)

A.    cloud-based Fibre Channel zoning
B.    Cisco UCS local Fibre Channel zoning
C.    hybrid-based Fibre Channel zoning
D.    switch-based Fibre Channel zoning
E.    no zoning
F.    vBlock-based Fibre Channel zoning

Answer: BDE

Which vCenter authentication service secures the VMware Cloud infrastructure platform?

A.    authentication directory service
B.    vCenter cloud infrastructure service
C.    single sign-on
D.    secure token

Answer: C

Which four issues are often detected when validating workflows in Cisco UCS Director? (Choose four.)

A.    Task Handler not found
B.    missing admin/task inputs after import or upgrade
C.    mapping mismatch
D.    version incompatibilities
E.    debugging logging information
F.    missing optional values for tasks
G.    missing task action value
H.    missing mandatory values for tasks

Answer: ABCH

Refer to the exhibit. Cisco UCS Fabric interconnect A and B have identical uplink configurations. Which option describes the problem of Fabric interconnect A?

A.    Ethernet0/11 on Fabric interconnect A is down.
B.    The IOM on Fabric interconnect A was rebooted.
C.    FC2/1 on Fabric interconnect A is unplugged or has been replaced with a GLC-T.
D.    Fabric interconnect A is powered off.

Answer: C

Which option lists the number of segments that are supported by VxLAN as standardized in RFC7348 and the number of bytes of overhead that are added to the original frame?

A.    1 million; 50
B.    16 million; 50
C.    1 million; 48
D.    6 million; 50

Answer: B

A Cisco UCSM administrator has been tasked with deploying a new data center. Which two recommendations aid in the ability to associate a service with a server? (Choose two.)

A.    The host control setting for a QoS policy applies to vNICs only. It has no effect on a vHBA.
B.    You can assign only a QoS policy to a vHBA if the priority setting for that policy is set to fc, which represents the Fibre Channel system class.
C.    The host control setting for a QoS policy applies to vHBAs only.
D.    Power capping is supported for rack servers. If you include a power control policy in a service profile that is associated with a rack-mount server, the policy is implemented.

Answer: BD


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