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What command alters the SSL ciphers used by the Cisco Email Security Appliance for TLS sessions and HTTPS access?

A.    sslconfig
B.    sslciphers
C.    tlsconifg
D.    certconfig

Answer: A

Joe was asked to secure access to the Cisco Web Security Appliance to prevent unauthorized access. Which four steps should Joe implement to accomplish this goal? (Choose four.)

A.    Implement IP access lists to limit access to the management IP address in the Cisco Web Security Appliance GUI.
B.    Add the Cisco Web Security Appliance IP address to the local access list.
C.    Enable HTTPS access via the GUI/CLI with redirection from HTTP.
D.    Replace the Cisco self-signed certificate with a publicly signed certificate.
E.    Put the Cisco WSA Management interface on a private management VLAN.
F.    Change the netmask on the Cisco WSA Management interface to a 32-bit mask.
G.    Create an MX record for the Cisco Web Security Appliance in DNS.

Answer: ACDE

Which command is used to enable strong ciphers on the Cisco Web Security Appliance?

A.    interfaceconfig
B.    strictssl
C.    etherconfig
D.    adminaccessconfig

Answer: B

Which Cisco ESA command is used to edit the ciphers that are used for GUI access?

A.    interfaceconfig
B.    etherconfig
C.    certconfig
D.    sslconfig

Answer: D

In order to set up HTTPS decryption on the Cisco Web Security Appliance, which two steps must be performed? (Choose two.)

A.    Enable and accept the EULA under Security Services > HTTPS Proxy.
B.    Upload a publicly signed server certificate.
C.    Configure or upload a certificate authority certificate.
D.    Enable HTTPS decryption in Web Security Manager > Access Policies.

Answer: AC

When a Cisco Email Security Appliance joins a cluster, which four settings are inherited? (Choose four.)

A.    IP address
B.    DNS settings
C.    SMTP routes
D.    HAT
E.    RAT
F.    hostname
G.    certificates

Answer: BCDE

The helpdesk was asked to provide a record of delivery for an important email message that a customer claims it did not receive. Which feature of the Cisco Email Security Appliance provides
this record?

A.    Outgoing Mail Reports
B.    SMTP Routes
C.    Message Tracking
D.    Scheduled Reports
E.    System Administration

Answer: C

Connections are being denied because of SenderBase Reputation Scores. Which two features must be enabled in order to record those connections in the mail log on the Cisco ESA? (Choose two.)

A.    Rejected Connection Handling
B.    Domain Debug Logs
C.    Injection Debug Logs
D.    Message Tracking

Answer: AD

Which five system management and reporting protocols are supported by the Cisco Intrusion Prevention System? (Choose five.)

A.    SNMPv2c
B.    SNMPv1
C.    SNMPv2
D.    SNMPv3
E.    syslog
F.    SDEE
G.    SMTP

Answer: ABCFG

Refer to the exhibit. The system administrator of mydomain.com received complaints that some messages that were sent from sender [email protected] were delayed. Message tracking data on the sender shows that an email sample that was received was clean and properly delivered. What is the likely cause of the intermittent delays?

A.    The remote MTA has a SenderBase Reputation Score of -1.0.
B.    The remote MTA is sending emails from RFC 1918 IP addresses.
C.    The remote MTA has activated the SUSPECTLIST sender group.
D.    The remote MTA has activated the default inbound mail policy.

Answer: C


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