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2019/July Braindump2go DP-200 Exam Dumps with PDF and VCE New Updated Today! Following are some new DP-200 Real Exam Questions: New QuestionYou are a data engineer implementing a lambda architecture on Microsoft Azure.You use an open-source big data solution to collect, process, and maintain data.The analytical data store performs poorly.You must implement a solution that meets the following requirements:– Provide data warehousing– Reduce ongoing management activities– Deliver SQL query responses in less than one secondYou need to create an HDInsight cluster to meet the requirements.Which type of cluster should you create? A. Interactive QueryB. Apache HadoopC. Apache HBaseD. Apache Spark Answer: DExplanation:Lambda Architecture with Azure:Azure offers you a combination of following technologies to accelerate real-time big data analytics:1. Azure Cosmos DB, a globally distributed and multi-model database service.2. Apache Spark for Azure HDInsight, a processing framework that runs large-scale data analytics applications.3. Azure Cosmos DB change feed, which streams new…

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